Empire State Masonry

It has been an active year for the Brothers of Goldenrule Clermont McKinley Lodge 486 led from 2009- 2011 by RW Stephen Adam Rubin, Proctor of the Grand Lodge and currently under the leadership of W Andrew Turrin for the 2011-2012 Masonic Year.

Eager to drive engagement and build on the bonds of Masonic fraternity, Goldenrule hosted an array of events in 2011. On January 25, the annual Table Lodge attracted 50 Brothers to Manhattan’s Parigot Bistro, owned by RW Michel Pombet. In addition to many toasts and plenty of food, the evening featured a special Masonic guest, RW Thomas Barat, Deputy Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Hungary, and the father of newly raised Brother Gabi Barat. RW Thomas Barat briefly shared greetings from his Grand Master and received a Grand Master’s pin from RW Stephen Adam Rubin.

On March 8th, Goldenrule hosted the annual Grand Lecturer’s Convention for the Sixth Manhattan District at the Masonic Hall. The evening was led by RW Charles Toombs, Grand Lecturer and focused on the opening and closing rituals of the Lodge.

A memorable degree event was on May 10th, when ten worthy Fellowcrafts from Goldenrule were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason in the Grand Lodge room. One of the evening’s highlights was RW Nathan D.Lipper, Past Master and former District Deputy Grand Master, raising his son, Ariel. Ariel’s birth had been announced at Goldenrule and 2011 marked RW

Nathan’s 30th year of service to the Craft. Three additional Brothers also had the honor of raising their sons that evening.

On May 24th Goldenrule hosted their Annual Community Chest Dinner, honoring the MW Vincent Libone. Upon being presented the Robert Suckle/Sanford Sperber Masonic Service Award by RW Stephen Adam Rubin, the Grand Master reflected on the Craft’s long commitment to charitable causesas well as assisting distressed Masons, their widows and families.

Laying the foundation for the upcoming Masonic year, Goldenrule held their installation of new officerson June 14th. Following W Andrew Turrin’s installation as Master of the Lodge, he called on the Brothers to build on Goldenrule’s success through a renewed focus on understanding an appreciating Masonic ritual, increasing attendance and working to identify worthy applicants to the Craft.

The Lodge had many other events including the revival of the Lodge’s annual fishing trip on June 12th and the participation of 12 Brothers in the Grand Secretary’s Golf Tournament on June 16th.

While many Lodges go dark in the summer months, Goldenrule continued to gather for two summer dinners. On July 6th, the Lodge enjoyed fine dining in the historic setting of the Old ’76 House, one of America’s venerable taverns and a place that had a special role in the American Revolution. On August 10th continued their popular tradition of the annual mid-summer dinner at Sammy’s Rumanian Steak House on Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

Heading into 2012, Goldenrule has over ten new petitions on the Trestle Board and looks forward to continuing to be a bright source of Masonic faith, integrity and trust within the Grand Lodge.

Brother Ezra Rich
Chairman, Public Relation