From the East

My Brothers,

This is my first letter to the Brethren as your WM so I would like to restate my feeling
of being Worshipful Master. I am honored that the Brothers of Goldenrule Clermont
McKinley Lodge #486 have put their trust in me to oversee the Lodge for 2016-2017. I
hope to make our Lodge a little better as we should all try to improve our Lodge.

On August 8th 2017, we had our summer event, which was “Carnaval in August”. We
had 40 Brothers from our Lodge as well as visitors from around the metropolitan area.
I know the venue and style of the event was a little different from our usual Sammy’s
event but the fellowship was phenomenal. I have received multiple emails, texts, and
calls commenting that the event was great. I recently saw a couple of Brothers that
are not from our Lodge and they couldn’t stop talking about the event and kept telling
Brothers that didn’t attend about it. The reason I bring this up is that our Lodge’s
reputation of great fellowship and a strength as a Lodge throughout NY State Masonry
is being recognized.

As for our next event (1st meeting of the year), it will be Brother Bring a Friend night
on Tuesday September 12th 2017. I encourage all the Brothers to bring down any man
you feel would make a great Mason and will help our Lodge reach new heights.

We have a jam packed first part of the year with various events and degree work. You
can see this by looking at the calendar as outlined in this meeting notice as well as
on the app. With that being said, I would like to hear from the Brothers with new
ideas that the Brothers might have for events or ideas for the Lodge. Whether you
are an Entered Apprentice or a Past Master with 60yrs experience, I am open to all
suggestions within reason.

In closing I want to leave you with an interaction I had with some Masons that left
me feeling great and hopefully you as well in regards to our lodge…..Goldenrule
Clermont McKinley Lodge #486.

I was at an event where there was a few Brothers from our District (1st Manhattan)
and a Brother from Washington D.C. area. The Brother from Washington D.C. has
visited some Lodges within the 1st Manhattan before but asked which Lodge is the
one he should visit next time he is in New York. The Brothers from the 1st Manhattan
turned and pointed to me and said “His Lodge. Goldenrule Clermont McKinley. It is
a great Lodge.” As your WM, this made me feel great that without me even saying a
word our Lodge is recognized a strong Lodge.

Sincerely and Fraternally,
W… Vincent Satriano

Worshipful Master Goldenrule Clermont McKinley Lodge # 486